Personal Computers

Servers & Desktops Hewlett Packard Assembled Compaq IBM, Acer, Zenith
Notebooks Hewlett Packard Imported Compaq IBM, Acer, Zenith
Home PCs Compaq Presario Assembled HP Pavilion Wipro, Zenith

Printers & Other Peripherals

Laser Let Printers Hewlett Packard Lexmark, Samsung, Tektornix, Epson
Ink Ket Printers Hewlett Packard Canon, Epson, Samsung
Dot Matrix Printers Epson TVSE, Wipro, Panasonic
Line Printers Printronix Lipi Data Systems, Wipro Proline
Passbook Printers IBM  
Plotters Hewlett Packard Calcomp
Digitizers Wacom Calcomp
Scanners Hewlett Packard Genius, Kodak, Umax, Canon
All-in-one Hewlett Packard Brother, canon, Xerox
Palm Tops Hewlett Packard 3Com, Imported
Networking Active Compnents Cisco, Intel, 3Com, Hewlett Packard,Nortel, Dlink, LanBit, Acton, Allied Telesyn (Networking Cards, Hubs, Roters, Switches)
  Passive Compnents Lucent, Amp, Dlink (Copper & Fiber)
  Wide area Networks Vsats, Radio Links
  Other Products Print Servers, Media Convertors, Terminal Adaptors, Transceivers, Line Drivers
  Modems US Robotics, XIRCOM, Dlink, LanBit, GVC, Zyxel, Prolink, Powertel Boca
Fax Systems Panasonic Canon, Exrox, Samsung, Ricoh
Storage Products Hewlett Packard DAT/DLT Drivers, CD Writers
  Iomega ZIP/ JAZ/ Drivers, CD Writers
  Seagate, Tandberg Fujitsu CTDs, Mo Drivers, DAT/DLT Drivers
Multimedia Multimedia Kits` Creative, Yamha
  CD/Dvd-Rom Drivers LG, Samsung, Creative, Acer, Asus
Others Web/Digital Camers Kodak, Sony, Dlink, Intel, Samsung, IBM
  Monitors Samtron, LG, Philips, Sony, Acer, Samtel
  UPS & CVTs APC, Elnova, Epson, datex, Mitusbishi
Consumables Cartridges Hewlett Packard, canon, Epson
  Floppy IBM, Imation, Amkette
  Toner Hewlett Packard

Name of the companies who certified us for their products

We assure you all the emphasis at our command that your entire requirement shall be handled with utmost care.


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